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All Writings and Images Copyright © Court Bennett 2010
Creativity’s Whimsy

Oh to dig about the hearty, full soil of fertile minds
I yearn for the rainbow-rich intellect of Carroll, Stevenson, Tolkien, or Burroughs

The precious diamond-light, able to pierce deep spaces cave black,
Is their golden sovereign to clutch tight in a happy, sweaty palm-
For hidden amongst their profound, dark night terrors
Are honeyed delights, the envy of gaping, watery mouths-
Their bitter, sour everydays are drizzled with silky confectioners icing
And topped with prismatic, jelled sweets.

Is not the brick-hard stuff of life made wonderful soft like yellow-puffed warm chicks
When a brilliance is boiled down to its most flavorful, whimsical stock?
Indeed they and many more savored the seasoned simplicity of the surround
And we, too, are blessed benefactors for their luxurious labors.
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