The Simpleton

In the land of overthought lived a simpleton,
Who trumbled through each unextraordinary day,
With a half-attentive eye and a half-attuned ear.

“Why,” they spewed in searing fire speech, “do you not see?
Why do you not hear?
The dizzy heights and booming bellows…
The world screams its nagging sneer!”

Said he, in stumbly mumblings,
“I am too simple to say, but
perhaps you might tell me,
if it is not too terrible much trouble,
have you felt the fleeting brush of wild moths?
Have you dewed about the prickly grasses until your unshod feet wrinkle in their sweaty kiss?
Have you warmed in the climbing sun on the shores of day?

“Nay”, they said, shaking their heads.
And they trundled away.
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All Writings and Images Copyright © Court Bennett 2010

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