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All Writings and Images Copyright © Court Bennett 2010

Halfway around the world
Quartú Sant’Elena

The air is dampened Utah,
The smells are not.

Salt seas surround, cutting off the land

Sweaty mosquitoes pepper-buzz my red ears,
Welt my 2 a.m. arms

The humid perfume of erstwhile chemicals
Suffocates the uncarpeted room

A light dust coats the bare tile,
Fresh from outdoor yesterday’s breezes

Knees bruised,
My desperate, hope-filled prayers ascend

Appealing, pleading
Enlighten, enliven, and give
(For the alien words are like those unwanted pests aimlessly colliding and
crashing in my skull)

Break down, remove the wall of my misunderstanding
I pray

Let the island waters recede
Connect me to civil lands

Let me be broken off no more.
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