Through A Mirror Darkly

Through a mirror darkly,
Ere we conceive to bring
Our gripping natures to the barest exposure…

Though haphazard self-tricks abound
And the devil’s own has set a snaring,
We drive and delve and deepen the bashed-bloody bruise,
Digging at the raw, ruddy roots of resolve
To peel away the mold and release the Kraken,
The grimace, the pain…

Oh, the white-knuckling temptations! Oh, how our sins we love too dearly!
And so time and again deny the crystal purity’s warmest embrace
And close our ruptured hearts to that proud specter…
That nakedness, that foul beast!

Then walk the walk of other men,
Their stroll and subtle glide: too simple, too complacent, and much too sure-
Their stiff lips and icicle eyes whisper insidiously of money and abandoned love-
Their bold baubles dance and chant with voodoo frenzy-
Will that hollow promise become our own unsteady heartbeat?
Will their hard-edged polish become our only lust?

Or in that tarnished mirror will the sun pierce the spider-webbed, rotten mess,
To cut out the rancid infection with searing, bright righteousness
And restore faith’s basic, true healing,
The spirit, the one, the whole…

That is a prickly question, not for mirrors, but for stainless, concrete wills-
The valiant goal of erstwhile men, not churlish boys,
The profession of prophets from martyrs’ furnaces:
For no man can serve two masters.

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