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All Writings and Images Copyright © Court Bennett 2010
The Insatiable Hunger of Enemies

Our raging enemies rejoice in our misfortunes
They lap up our misery like greedy, rabid dogs
Our pain is their intoxicating elixir
They grow fat, sluggish and drunk on our grief most sober

We should be strong, as the mountains are strong
Stoic and steadfast as the earth itself
But knowing this does not sand away
The splinters in our hearts
Knowing that we should be steel-veined
Knowing we feed the snapping, slippery crocodiles with our bloody tears
Their jagged-toothed leers becoming harsh, concrete cracks in our faces
Their happiness is a dull ache at the base of our skulls

Knowledge does not dry the saline flow
From our glazed, marbled eyes
For our pulse is the endless wellspring of woe
And we cry gently, silently for a time

Yet we do have our faith
Faith is a pearl most precious that cannot be sneaked away
By their stretching, sinewy fingers
Faith is the promise of brilliant rainbows at sun-showers end
Faith is the hope of verdant, wild flower valleys
After the calamitous fury-storms have passed
Faith looks beyond the cruelty of knowledge to empower the improbable will
Faith is that hope in love and good to conquer all that ills
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