The top 10 reasons to just give up!  Why try?  
You’ve been fighting a winless battle.  You’re a scumbag.  
You’re worthless.  You’re just an animal and should act no better…

1. Ultimately, all you are can be broken into basic, electro-chemical processes.  Scientifically speaking, this world happened by pure chance, life happened
by pure chance and you happened by pure chance.  We are probably alone in the galaxy, just a random combination of chemicals.  You will, in the end, be
reduced to those same fundamental chemicals.  What you do in between birth and death really doesn’t matter very much, because it’s all just happenstance
and as already noted, chemicals.

2. Your ancestors were animals, and their parents were lizards, while in turn their parents were just simple mucks in a puddle.  You belong to the animals
(and even lower) and so you are really part animal now.  It’s all in your genes.  You came from slime, so be slime!

3. You can’t help who you really are; it’s not your choice, for there is no choice, rather it is your genetic makeup.  You’re born the way you are and cannot
change that.  So let you inner beast shine!  Be abusive.  Be violent.  Be Gay.  Be rude.  Be self-destructive.  Just for pete’s sake don’t be Christian!  That’s
not natural.

and ‘enlightened’, you and the rest of humanity have taken several steps backward.  To move forward, be an aborigine, a mystic, a pagan or a witch: and
‘enlightened’, you and the rest of humanity have taken several steps backward.  To move forward, be an aborigine, a mystic, a pagan or a witch: Regress to
Regress to progress!

5. Don’t you realize that for the simple fact that you are privileged, an ‘American’ for crying out loud, you are already guilty!  Don’t you feel guilty most of the
time?  Well, you should.  What you think, how hard you try, and what you accomplish really don’t mean anything anyway because you are wealthy and a
snob.  Admit it.  Why try at all, because you are already guilty.  Please repeat after me…”I am already guilty, as a rich, stuck-up American, so let’s do
something worth being guilty of—Oh, mistress, could you hand me my cocaine?  It’s on that stack of get-rich-quick schemes and phony lawsuits.”

6. Your pathetic quest for religion is only evidence of how weak and uneducated you are—after all, man invented God out of the need to explain the
unexplainable.  Once science catches up and manages to explain away every last vestige of God, and it will, God will no longer be necessary.  Then the
world will finally exist in peace.

7. In point of fact, religions are the #1 cause of all wars, starvation, and violence in the world.  It’s been that way for centuries.  Get rid of all the religions
completely.  Furthermore, given that belief in God brings cruelty and death, wouldn’t the opposite be true?  Unbelief means peace, love, tranquility, and
happiness.  Mass Atheism, the final goal, is the only way to lasting peace and happiness throughout the world, but in the meantime we’ll tolerate a little belief,
if you keep it to yourself and never speak of it openly in public.  And please don’t put any symbols of your secret belief on community display.

8. Our leaders are all flawed, broken, wicked people, so you have a built-in excuse to screw-up your life.  If the politician, church leader, or company head
seems honest and forthright, just give us some time to investigate further.  We’ll find something.  Do enough digging and you always strike pay dirt.  Trust
me, the only good leader is one that has not been properly investigated.  They’re evil and rich and powerful to boot—you do the math.  It’s all in the give and
take, but mostly take.  Just ask yourself: “In my shoes, what would Bill Clinton or Richard Nixon do…”

9. Good business is seldom ethical.  The two don’t mix.  This is not about you or your personal choices; you have to do what is good for the future and
prosperity of the company.  The end always justifies the means and that end is money and success.  Forget what your mother told you, and for that matter,
forget what your grandmother told you, too.  Haven’t you watched any television lately?  Survivor, Big Brother, The Bachelor, The Apprentice, or any other
reality shows?  Nice people lose.  Good people are nothing but doormats.  This has to be true, or why would the networks call them reality programs?  Don’t
be a doormat.  It’s dog eat dog out there.  Take the first bite, a preemptive strike.  What would Donald Trump do?

10. Believe me, mainstream America is broken homes, abuse-riddled, racist, poverty-stricken, homosexual, obese, lazy, anti-religious, substance-addicted,
sex-obsessed, attention-deficient, stupid, greedy and horribly in debt.  Don’t you watch the evening news?  Look, just realize that these are the facts and
that you, too, are mainstream.  Don’t you want to be?  Don’t you want to fit in?  Misery loves company.  What do you have to be grateful for anyway?

To heck with others!  With responsibility!  With commitment!  What do you really want?  Your happiness is all that really
matters.  Do what comes natural.  Do what feels good now.  Don’t think about the consequences.  Tomorrow will take care
of itself.  What you do only effects you and no one else, so take these 10 tenants of true freedom and live!  Sin!

*The above is written by Court Bennett, in an effort to strip away the PC crap and expose the real agenda behind the constant and consistent attacks on
God, Christianity, and decency in general, both across America and around the world today.  It is to be taken sarcastically only!*
All Writings and Images Copyright © Court Bennett 2010