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All Writings and Images Copyright © Court Bennett 2010
Our EveryHero

With a laughing blood splatter
Our silly-sick, rippling-strong muscler
Bursts boisterously onto the dashing dark scene
Gleefully violent, he faithfully flings scathing comic insults that
Explode like bloated zombie corpses
“Take that, and that, and that, and that!”
He smiling curses with merry murder and mayhem on his mind
Reeking benign bedlam upon the bumbling drones of the Sinister Alter-Ego
Humorless Anti-Hero counters contemptuously
Spitting frothy hate darts and
Unleashing the brainless unwashed mass mechanoids
With black, shrouded sobriety
Our titillating titan falters, falls bruised and broken
They have conquered his chortling contraptions of catastrophe
Destroyed his gruesome, grinning gattling guns
And silenced the jolly sounds of his slaughter

Or have they?

With a winsome water-cannon of wry wit
Our EveryHero springs into lambasting lingual action
“Take that, and that, and that, and THAT AGAIN!”
He gleaming gashes with more guts, grit and fortitude
Than the super-serious arch-evil could have imagined open-eyed

“You win ecstatic EveryHero!  I cannot match the fantastic, fatal fun of your comic genocide!
Curse your happy hacking ways!
Your vivacious vivisections of my melancholy mechanoids,
Curse your bright, bold butchering of my brainwashed brood!”

The Exhilarating End, or is it?

(Look for EveryHero II: The Delightful Decapitations Resulting in Delicious Death coming to a
theatre near you in the spring of….)
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