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All Writings and Images Copyright © Court Bennett 2010
The Epic of Heart and Mind

My yearning heartache is in the golden voices of angels
The warm promise of heaven
The soft, blue sky

The greedy maw of hard disappointment opens wide to swallow me whole
Damning this unsettled soul in fleshy walls
No light

Shaky, dry, cold-crackled hands are my now unsteady tools
I scrape away the rust and the grime
I put order to the creeping chaos
And distant, remember the sun

I wait for the chill-bringer, the taker of life
Oh, foul specter that gravely sweeps the refuse, the old, and the frail
Away to some great reward
Or unending torment

Yet from beyond the veil of fear called death
I now see with pure vision
The pristine plan of happiness, a lifeline thrown into the rancid, churning waters of
And embrace, finally the Son
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