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All Writings and Images Copyright © Court Bennett 2010
The Drive-by change of self

Pounding along the freeway,
Allen notices the incident on the slumped shoulder of the road.
He sees the wreckage,
The freeway-race slows to near snap-shot stillness.
The piercing pop and clank of yellow and red rushes with the stuffs of life,
The blood glistens, steaming, strangely liquid.

Suddenly his mind snaps,
He is screaming toward that same still fate.
Edging too close,
Taking unnecessary risk.

He allows the fatal gap to stretch.
He warms in the sun-bright morning mist’s beam.
He dances the tickling dance of cottonwoods and willows peppered with dark
starlings and punchy finches.
The wincing glint of afternoon winks from gray, anyone’s cars--
They scurry like a thousand ants to a thousand purposes

For a sand grain’s fall he is above the rush, rush rush,
And taken aback by the deafening hush, hush, hush.